Riverside Family Chiropractic Opens Doors In Columbus

COLUMBUS (OH), January 24th, 2014 – Riverside Family Chiropractic announced today that it will officially open its doors in Columbus, Ohio. The chiropractic clinic headed by Ohio native Dr. Lee Thomas and his wife Tristan is located on 10248 Sawmill Parkway and on top of chiropractic services also provides holistic health services through its maximized living clinic.

Riverside Family Chiropractic first and foremost focusses on spinal adjustment: Manual therapy for neuro skeletal issues to remedy a wide range of symptoms. The spine is the center of the body, and all nerves run through it towards the place where they all connect: The brain. The spine also holds your skeleton together, encompassing all the organs and protecting them in the process. A healthy spine influences posture, which influences blood flow, muscle health and even mental health. A lot of pains and other health problems therefore can be traced back to spinal issues.

The Riverside Chiropractic works with experienced professionals that perform spinal correction to remedy these health problems, but doesn’t just stop there. It also places great emphasis on patients’ mental and physical health as a whole, and aims to improve this by employing the Maximized Living philosophy.


Chiropractor Columbus Ohio

Maximized Living

Maximized Living is a holistic health approach not just striving to remedy health issues, but also to prevent them without the interference of drugs. The Maximized Living philosophy consists of five essentials:

● A Maximized Mind: A strong, healthy mind and a positive attitude

● A Maximized Nerve Supply: Maximizing the body’s power supply through nerves

● Maximized Quality Nutrition: Maximizing the quality of the fuel of the body

● Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle: Maximizing fitness and flexibility

● Minimized Toxins: A healthy environment within the body, with minimal toxins.


Riverside Chiropractic professionals are trained and certified in the Maximized Living essentials, and the clinic offers resources such as workshops, talks and consultations to encourage maximized living in its clients.

The Riverside Chiropractic clinic was founded by Dr. Lee Thomas and his wife Tristan. Dr. Lee Thomas grew up in Arkland Ohio and attained a degree in Human Biology from Ohio State University with an emphasis on Nutrition. He then attained his doctorate as a chiropractor from the Palmer College of Chiropractic. An active athlete himself, Dr. Lee Thomas has been the team chiropractor for many sports teams and serves as a member of the sports performance council, which provides care to Team USA Wrestling, Weightlifting, Judo, and Paralympic Volleyball. As a Maximized Living Doctor, he is also certified in nutrition, exercise and detoxification.

Dr. Lee Thomas started The Riverside Chiropractic clinic together with his wife Tristan to help people improve the quality of their life in an all natural, medication free way. With the help of spinal adjustment, at-home exercises, encouraging talks, educative workshops and nutritional advice they strive to empower families and athletes to live radically healthy lives.

For more information visit www.riversidefamchiro.com

Riverside Family Chiropractic
10248 Sawmill Pkwy,
Powell, OH 43065
Phone: 614-389-4945
Fax: 614-389-4947

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